Thursday, November 16, 2006

The BCX Christmas Party

Allow me firstly to welcome myslef back. Having written my last exam on Monday, I now have a little more time on my hands to desparately deliver my blog from the quagmire of unread despair.

Last night my girlfriend and I attended the Business Connexion (BCX) Christmas party. BCX by the way is the organization that I work for. The theme was supposed to be that of a Masquerade Ball. All that I found it to be was drab and dreary. On stage, was a live performance, in the form of 'Denim' - a local South African trio (one member shy of the original quartet). They rocked for a little while before the Steve Hofmeyer type 'treffers' and the songs relating to 'Ek wil huis toe gaan' came on.

The party was a dreary, dull bore from which my exit was swift and earlier than I had planned.

In the colloquial: BCX don't know how to rock a party!