Saturday, February 16, 2008

Now in Orlando, FL

My body is confused, jet-lagged, tired, exhausted. I'm not altogether sure how I feel right now, but its evident - from the bags under my eyes, to my lethargy and waking up at 3am, which would equate to around 10am in South African time.

Well - can you blame me? The trip from SA to Frankfurt was some 10 hours long. On my arrival, I had to set my watch back an hour. Even with this reset - the sun didn't come out until around 9am.

Thoughts on the German Pretzel
For the first time yesterday (at least I think it was yesterday - it could have been tomorrow, but I'm not entirely sure what today is...) I had a German pretzel. I walked around Frankfurt Airport for several hours, passed the same preztel stand numerous times and had been enticed - not by its shape, but at it's size. Let me describe the flavour - imagine rough sea salt on fairly dry bread. Or like pretzels that you find at the shops - but saltier. They make you thirsty and thats why Germans have beer!

Thoughts on Starbucks
Ok, ok, I had to try Starbucks coffee! I could not fly 20 hours and not have Starbucks, right. Imagine it like this - The finest coffee beans from Brazil, Costa Rica and Colombia - done to, what coffee beans have done to them - ground, then have hot water passed through them. No Sugar, no milk and really, very hot - lots of caffeine, cause I'm really buzzing at the moment.

Thoughts on Pizza
Pizza Hut right here at the hotel, sell personal pizza. It's a pizza for one, but really deep, lots of cheese with salami on the top. The whole thing is like greasy cheese on a deep oily donut without a hole, topped with salami.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Boiled Eggs and Chopsticks

Boiled eggs and chopsticks seemed like a really nice title for a blog post. Now however, as I put finger to keyboard, good ideas seem to escape me.

Let me speak about the idea for a minute and where it sparked from. I was at the shopping centre the other day and felt a little bit adventurous. I wanted to try some Sushi. I have tried Sushi on a previous occasion, but, I lack the whole Sushi culture thing. I'm a small town coloured boy - and all I've ever known was bunny chows and fried chips. I don't know the names of the sandwich thingies, the seaweed things or even the rolled salmon things. So, being brave I decided to sample a random pre-packed selection of raw-fish Sush goodness. I ran off home, all very excited and hungry too. I dipped the first piece into the soya sauce and very delicately applied some wasabi using the chopsticks provided.

The explosions of flavour were awesome - yet still I couldn't see what all the hype is about - so I faked it!

That should explain the 'chopstick' part of the title.

The following day I thought that I would employ my culinary talents and create some mean boiled eggs. I did so, boiling those eggs to perfection.

I did the whole 'crack the egg open with the teaspoon move' mushed it all up and applied it to some bread. Boiled egg on bread, just like bunny chow, this is what I'm more au fait with. This is the life I know... :)

Monday, February 04, 2008

Hello World

I know that I've been very scarce lately, looking back, I don't really know why. I did experience a tremendous amount of writers block, which I still seem to be suffering from, in spite of it however, i thought that I would just get this one post out.

More Travel: I want this year to be full of travel adventures for me. I was bitten last year, by the proverbial travel bug on my trip to Holland. I notice that the people with the most interesting stories are the ones that have lived out of the country or have done much travel abroad. I want to sit in a bar over a pint of Guinness one day, talk of tales of helping migrant workers cross the borders out of oppression... or something that sounds vaguely entertaining or even

Losing money: I have been trading forex online with some forex website i found last year. Things in this department have not been altogether successful. As i type this, I am US$ 8 down - not good, especially since i was down $ 25 dollars on Friday. I know and understand the risks, I am not the gambling type, but i remain hopeful.

Making friends: I feel a need to know more people. I like people and I like going out with people. Problem however, is that all my guy friends seem to be getting married. That means less boys nights for me, due to more romancing from them... Go boys...

Heres wishing a great 2008 (albeit Feb) for all those who may come across this blog, regualr and non-regular alike.