Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Attack of the Terrorists...

After having slept at my girlfriends place last night, I was shocked to see that my home had been violated on my return. Some terrorists had successfully managed to throw three half-bricks through my room window. At this point, I would like to mention that I live at home with my folks, so, technically it is their house.

I call them terrorists because their intention was malicious. One brick landed on my bed, one just beyond my my little desk and glass shards (shrapnel) lay everywhere. The brick thrown through my moms office window was just as devastating.

In the movies a note is normally attached to the brick, not this time. The terrorists were obviously having a round of target practice with a hope, just a hope that they could inflict injury. I just say "Thank you God that I'm ok."

Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Season to be jolly

So unbelievably fast Christmas is here once again. Celebrations of jubilation as people begin to get together with families and friends, while the cash flies out of the wallet for the season as people abuse their spending power and purchase all things electronic. What would christmas be without a battery operated toy?

My jubilation comes from my recent aquistion of a property. Technically and honestly speaking, its not altogether mine just yet. Though the seller has accepted my offer to purchase, I still need to wait for my bond to be approved. Ten comes the wait for the legalities to be processed. So, I may only take delivery next year round about March or so.

My cycling was on hold for some time now. I've become so incredibly unfit to the point where i just ride about 2km or so. My intention is to start racing next year, but if I don't pull up my socks, then this is an unrealistic wish.

I should also add that this is my most enthusiastic post for quite some time now. My recent post were only there so that my reader(s) would know that I have not abbandoned them (him). So, hopefully I will be adding content more regularly, it all depends on the season, what transpires that will be interesting enough to post.

Be jolly and in the words of the old country "L'Chaim"

Monday, December 11, 2006

The Italians

This is a shout out to the Italians for bringing us Italian Coffee, fine tailored clothing and of course, highly engineered, beautifully constructed motor-cars - the Ferrari and the Lamborghini.

Fiat and Alfa-Romeo are, as far as i know, part of the Ferrari stable. Lamborghini however, is now owned by Audi, a German company, who still manage to produce a beautiful Italian sports car.

Ferrari is an icon - it represents the Italian culture. Lamborghini is a beautiful car.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Playing Catchup

Hello to all my loyal readers and patriots. I have been quiet of late, due to the lack of motivation and interesting content. After my gruelling exams, I guess that I just lost the desire to add any content to my blog.

Nothing interesting has transipired since then, besides my girlfriends toe, which was kicked by an unknown assailant, Mr. X, to pieces, though not literally, but her toe-nail had to be removed!

I aquired a new MTN 3G Data Card, though Mac is too old to recognize it. I complained to my management and they gave me a new IBM T42 instead. That did not work either as I do not have the recovery CD's.

Thats about it - I'm listless. Perhaps I'll find some inspiration on the way.