Monday, August 28, 2006

highly successful ipod

Last years most successful Christmas gift was undoubtedly the Apple iPod, the music and mp3 player that has set a new precedent by changing the personal entertainment market. The iPod’s distinctive milky white color (in most cases) makes it an aesthetic masterpiece, its compact size make it convenient for gym use, for strolling around campus or during those long inter-continental flights, without ever hearing the same song twice. (The 6O GB model holds on average around 15000 songs.)

This year it seems that the most popular gift items are iPod docks, a micro-hi-fi system into which the iPod plugs. This is specifically for home use and turns your iPod into a high powered sound system. It seems that many of the electronics and audio component manufacturers have jumped onto the dock bandwagon, JBL, Bose and Onkyo to name a few.

In-car audio systems now have an iPod connectivity feature built in, implying that you never need to have another CD in your car again. Eliminate the clutter, purchase an iPod compatible CD front loader from JVC or Pioneer.

I can only imagine that this is a multi-million dollar industry. iPod sales continue to increase and the iPod accessories market is growing proportionally.

In just two years the word iPod has become a household name, it’s joined the big-brand club. Even in developing countries iPods are well known, as I discovered during my recent trip to Blantyre, Malawi.

My conclusion, by an iPod – an apple a day makes Steve Jobs a very rich man.

Friday, August 25, 2006

dressing your ipod

I was just reading the 'Lifestyle', one of the most popular of inserts in the South African Sunday Times neswspaper. It seems that a Californian company have started selling clothing for your ipod. You can browse their website and choose something to match his or her (your ipod's) personality. I personally like the cowboy outfit, a little cowboy hat, tassle pants and a scarf.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Stupid, Old Compaq

I have not yet been discouraged by a lack of traffic to my weblog. I have just been too frustrated to care about that. You see, it's my old notebook that is causing me severe problems.

Ariving at the office today, a beautiful and sunny morning, my outlook of the day entirely changed. My computer took ages to boot, then Microsoft Outlook took forever to load & synchronize my e-mail. I poured myself a stiff cup of coffee. Cup of motivation in hand, i could become productive.

Unfortunately for me, things were not getting any better. Mac, the name I've given my Compaq laptop (perhaps in anticipation that he could one day mysteriously transform into a Mac), just did not want to perform. The disk-seek light flashed like a disco. Task Manager showed near 100% CPU utilization. What could this all be attributed to? I had no idea?

All that I could think of doing was to

  • Delete the files in C:\Windows\Prefetch
  • Defrag my hard-drive
  • Stop some apps from automatically starting on boot.

  • Wow, total performance gain now, possibly 0.3%. I have lots of faith in Windows XP, but because of performance, i question it often. XP is a hungry, resource instensive operating system. Outlook is a resource intense application. Total memory that Mac has 768Mb but i need both these tools to be productive.


    Friday, August 11, 2006

    My First Blog

    Wow, hail the advent of the the blog. I consider myself a "tech junkie" but have never, up until now, tried this blogging thing. I though to myself, "It's about blogging time you join the masses and claim you individuality and try out this blogging thing." Bit of an oxymoron... methinks.

    So, this is my first post. I have no idea how to monitor it, to see if people enjoyed reading it or if they even read it at all... who knows how things will transpire? I will continue in an attempt to provoke some conversation, perhaps inspire some interesting debate, debate on the South African deputy president, Jacob Zuma.

    I am South African, patriotic as much as the next guy. When it comes to facing the embarresment though, of the highest degree when said deputy pres believes that a shower could minimise the risk of contracting the disease [hiv], it makes me wonder though.

    On another note, it breaks my heart to see decent people having to buy their drivers license because of the corrupt nature of the systems, processes and people. There comes a point in trying to get your license legally that is eventually out-weighed by getting it illegally. The cost involved for honest re-attempts is a waste. Do it the corrupt way, save yourself some cash.

    Cheers for now.