Monday, March 15, 2010

Staying Cheap

Several months ago I was writing about what I thought were some interesting techniques to save some cash. It was supposed to be a series on saving money - but that didn't happen as well as I expected it to.

I have the unpublished posts in drafts - if anyone would like to review them before I publish, let me know.

For today however - I want to talk about second hand stores such as "Cash Converters" and "Cash Crusaders".

I walked into Cash Converters last week and was surprised to see the amount of interesting items they had which were in such good condition (which I would buy). They had all the geeky stuff I like - Celestron Telescopes, Onkyo amplifiers, sports watches, laptops, etc..

Where I could see a definite money saver was at the vast selection of DVD's which they stock. I have quite a significant amount of money "invested" in DVD's, but I think that I could have saved quite a bit of money buying most of my DVD's at Cash Converters. I think the most expensive second hand DVD which was on sale was 50 bucks for "Hitch" ( stock it for about R100). It's not a huge saving and you most probably wont find the DVD which you want, but in the long run, it will save you some cash if you are collecting DVD's and do enjoy watching an original and not a bootleg copy.



Vischal said...

If you're going to take months to review your series on saving money drafts then you might as well send it to me to read in the interim.

As for DVD's I've passed that stage and have moved on to Blu-rays... do they have any of those there?

Amanda said...

haha! you're a die hard cheap skate! nice:)

Waseem said...

The best way to save cash is to take money from the present and go back to the past and use it there. The money from the future has a higher value so you get stuff for cheaper. Like here we don't have dvds but we can buy chappies bubblegum for 5c. I will buy all the bubblegum i can carry and venture into the future and sell it for 20c each. I will be a billionaire