Monday, August 23, 2010

Liking Gadgets

I've always been a 'liker of gadgets' - and in fact, I consider myself somewhat of a 'thingie gay'. Recently at work, the temptation to buy gadgets and electronic devices has increased tenfold (amongst everyone in the office) in a 'keeping up with the Jones' ' type buying frenzy.

A few months ago it started something like this:

Guy one bought himself an ASUS EEEPC. He liked it  so much, that he bought another one with exactly the same specs. He then bought another ASUS but this time a larger one with more memory and larger screen.

Guy two likes the idea of a netbook and decides that he too will participate in the 'gadgetry acquisition' competition for that month. He gets himself an IBM S10, small, fast and slim and sexy.

Guy three then wins a Dell Mini 10 NetBook - which is not fair coz everyone else had to buy theirs. His one, is small, fast, slim, sexy and shiny.

Guy two then buy an iPad while in the USA and also wins an Amazon Kindle (not fair either). iPad, by virtue of it being an Apple product, trumps all previously purchased netbooks by all other guys in the office.

At this stage guy two is the winner and I'm not even a player at this stage of the 'competition'.  

I (Guy four) then change the game somewhat by getting myself a set of Bose Noise Canceling headphones? No one takes my entry into the game seriously, so I'm obviously the looser. To add insult to injury and to worsen my pain, I ordered a Kindle from Amazon and... to my surprise... they have no stock.

To date my gadgets comprise the following:
  • 32" Sony Bravia (already obsolote - HD Ready...not even full HD)
  • Philips Home Theatre System (HTS 8100)
  • iPod (A necessary thingie gay gadget, in fact, I have two)
  • Bose Noise Canceling Headphones (so far the best gadget I have)
  • Krups ESpresseria XP 7240(Coffee/Espresso machine Combo)
  • Nintendo Wii
I know my collection of  gadgets is not that great from someone who admits to being a lover of gadetry. My limit at the moment is due to money and not the fact that I have no creativity in choosing some thingie gay stuff.

I will soon update my 'still to get list'


Vischal said...

Who does your proof reading before you publish? :D

Anonymous said...

you need to be ambitious and hope that your readers comprise more than your circle of friends. which would mean that you would have to explain the term "thingie gay" Amanda